Specialists in packaging solutions adapted to your needs

Viclinapack offers comprehensive strip packaging solutions through our own brand and also through international companies that we represent exclusively. We are endorsed by more than 40 years of experience in the representation and manufacture of packaging machines.


Viclinapack was founded in 2012  after more than 40 years of experience in the representation and manufacturing of packaging machines.

We offer comprehensive solutions through our own Vicpack brand of strip vertical packaging machines and through the exclusive representation of international firms. We deliver added value to our clients from, the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, promotional, chemical and food industries, among others, thanks to our continuous analysis of the latest trends in order to cater to your needs in single-dose containers for solidliquid or powdered products. For this purpose, we attend the leading international trade fairs.


We offer all kinds of strip system packaging solutions, ranging from the sale of the machinery or a suitable service through to start-up and maintenance.

We adapt to our clients’ needs by providing solutions specifically designed for short series and small production runs in single-dose packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, promotional, chemical and food industries.

In this regard, we sell and lease packaging machinery for solid, liquid and powdered products, either by the companies that we represent, which include six leading worldwide brands in their segments, or  our own brand, with the MS system: versatile, affordable and easy to use and maintain.

The options that we provide to our clients through the companies we represent, whose presence in Spain is managed exclusively by Viclinapack, are: deblistering machines, serialisation software, vertical packaging machines, sealers, tablet-coating machines and punches and dies.


They can package a broad variety of solid, liquid and powdered products. It is a versatile and economical system that is easy to operate and to maintain. It is available for purchase or rental.


Each one of the companies that we represent exclusively offer different solutions to meet your requirements: punches and dies for tabletting machines, tablet-coating machines, deblistering machines for tablets and capsules, impulse sealers, serialisation machines and vertical stick packing machines.