Vicpack packaging machines: versatile, economical, easy to use and maintain

3 in 1: The Vicpack machines can package a broad variety of solid, liquid and powdered products.


The variety of filling devices that can be added to our packaging machine makes it versatile and adaptable to each client’s needs.

The revolving disc, feeder belt and vibratory hopper facilitate the packaging of solids. For liquids, gels and creams, we offer the pneumatic or mechanical filling device and peristaltic pump. The volumetric filler with adjustable cup or wormscrew permit the packaging of powers and granulates.

Our machine is particularly suitable for short series and small production runs from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, promotional, chemical, food industries, among others.

The Vicpack packaging machine adapts to any heat-sealable material and to each client’s needs, offering the possibility of personalising the machinery.

The same packaging machine can package a broad variety of products, which means that only formats and/or feeders need to be changed. Capsules, tablets, suppositories, condoms, granulated powders, creams, liquids, needles, toothpicks, spoons, wipes, sweets and collectable cards are but some examples of our machine’s extensive capabilities.


The Vicpack packaging machines are available for purchase or rental, at a very competitive price and with an integrated service.

In this regard, our packaging machines are the ideal and economical solution for companies that have a sporadic specific need and require short production runs.

In order to facilitate the use and the maintenance of our packaging machines, we offer an integrated service that includes, besides the sale or the rental of the packaging machinery, start-up and subsequent technical support and maintenance.

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  • Dimensions of the MC model: Height 110 cm/Width 100 cm/Depth 55 cm (approximate, depending on the equipment)
  • Dimensions of the MS model: Height 130 cm/Width 70 cm/Depth 60 cm (approximate, depending on the equipment)
  • Sachet dimensions: MS15/MS35: 90×90 mm. MS20/MS40: 120×120 mm. MS20L/MS40L: 200×120 mm.
  • Temperature regulator with control probe.
  • Speed adjuster.
  • Partial counter with stop-machine feature.
  • Programmable cutting unit.
  • Easy-open system by pre-cutting or drilling.
  • Photoelectric cell for centring one or both sides of the sachet.
  • Hot Stamp printer for batch references and expiry date.
  • Automatic diverter with box selector.
  • Sensor for detecting missing product, empty sachets and/or end of reel.